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 Ori★Suta 2010.08.16 ~ 23

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PostSubject: Ori★Suta 2010.08.16 ~ 23   Sun Aug 15, 2010 9:33 pm

Finally the release of a new album after 2 years and 4 months!
This is the work that showcases the “attack-mode Arashi”

----------First of all, please let us hear your thoughts on the completion of the album.
Sho: Basically it’s a “we managed to pull it through” kind of feeling.
Jun: At long last, right?
Nino: Took us 2 years and 4 months.
Sho: The whole 2 years and 4 months, you mean!? (laugh)
Nino: The whole time, yes, it was some seriously hard work.
Sho: That is to say, after the release of 『Dream “A”live』, we immediately started working on this album.
Nino: That’s what happened. 1 year after that, we released an album which scraped together all of our singles……
Sho: Oi! It’s our best album!
Everyone: (laugh).
Sho: It was the album of our anniversary, that one (laugh).
Nino: The album this time is one that crosses over such a long period, so I have this sort of “finally we did it” feeling about it.
----------Ohno san, what do you think?
Ohno: The recording this time gave me a truly refreshing sensation. Surely it was deadly tiring, but even that fatigue was something that brought me reminiscence.
Nino: Oh, and that was fresh!?
Ohno: It was remini-fresh (laugh).
(T/N: now, here, a small Japanese lesson. 懐かしい – “natsukashii” means dear, missed, reminiscent, and 新鮮 – “shinsen” means fresh. Just then, Riidaa combined the two words into “natsukashinsen”, sorta means “remini-fresh” LOL Got the idea?)
----------(laugh). Aiba san, the recording was carried out during the time you had a stage play, right?
Aiba: And I had to record for as many as 11 songs……
Nino: Well, how many songs did you actually manage to record?
Aiba: I recorded 1……1 songs. It was full participation on my part, you know.
Nino: Oh, I see (laugh).
Sho: Among those 11 songs, there were about 3 of them for which he didn’t attend the selection meetings, that’s how he did it (laugh).
Aiba: My start was later than everyone else’s, so things pretty much went by in a rush in my case, but that was fun in its own right, it was a good feeling.
Jun: As for me, this time around, I think I was being quite fixated about each and every small sound. About the album as a whole, more or less the strongest impression was “dance”.
----------The best album you released last year was a huge success, this year too, all of your singles have so far been instant hits, so what kind of expectation are you having for the album this time?
Sho: I consider this album the next stage after our 10 years together. It’s like we are turning over a new page to mark off the previous 10 years, as well as to express what we hope to become in our 11th year.
Jun: What kind of music we are creating in this 11th year – we’ll have our listeners search for the answer to that question in our songs.
----------When I listen to the album, starting from the very first track, I have a strong image of you going into attack mode.
Sho: The person in charge of our attack is, of course, Aiba san here. I suggest that we wait for Aiba san’s opinion on this matter.
Aiba: Certainly, well, we did try to be aggressive. Both the new songs and the ones which have previously released as singles portray an image of “Arashi” quite different from what people have been used to. There are quite a few songs which can only be released as parts of an album, and it was in this aspect that we put up our “attack”. Along with those songs, the singles we’ve had starting from 『Everything』 are also included, thus they create a nice balance for the album.
Sho: Now I understand.
Jun: Thank you for your hard work.
Aiba: You’re welcome. In the future please invite me again.
Jun: Yes sir.

Ninomiya & Matsumoto highly recommend Sakurai!
Announcing the members’ favorite solo songs.

----------How did he suddenly become a guest!? (laugh) Have you listened to all the solo songs of the other members?
Nino: In my opinion, this time, 『T.A.B.O.O』 (Sakurai’s solo) is the definite number one.
Sho: (LOL) Thanks for the support.
Jun: The same for me, I also like 『T.A.B.O.O』 most.
Nino: Ah~ there he went~! That song shows us a new Sakurai Shou that we have never seen before. It even made me a bit worried thinking “Is it really okay to be this aggressive!?”
Jun: You know, I often find myself, quite unconsciously, humming 〈Get down!〉 at the drama filming set.
Sho: Oh my, that means I also get to shine in rainbow colors~ (laugh). I never could have imagined that “Get down!” would be heard in the midst of such a wonderfully refreshing drama. There’s no honor that surpasses this one.
----------The solo songs this time are not compiled into the 2nd disc, rather, they are mixed up evenly with the singles and the new songs. That kind of balance is really nice.
Sho: It’s an entirely new style. After all, up until this release, there has always been a rather distinct division of our albums into singles, new songs, and solos.
Jun: We had a talk about how that kind of distinction made our albums less attractive to listeners, right?
----------But you still release the album in 2 CDs?
Sho: We hope everyone would listen to all the songs. Not only track 12 on disc 1 and track 1 on disc 2, for example.
Nino: We already have 4 singles, then there are the solos, those two parts inevitably increase the number of tracks a lot, to the point that a single disc is not enough.
Sho: By the way, if you listen through all the songs in order, then 『Monster』 is the 13th track rather than track 1 of disc 2.
Jun: Everything we did, from the 2-disc release to the number of the songs and the order in which the tracks are arranged, is in order to make the album easy to listen to…… I guess, in the end, what we truly want is for everyone to listen to the album from the beginning to the end (laugh).

An Arashi-style tsundere album!?
What is the theme of this year’s concert tour?

(T/N: I hope you all know what tsundere means? I mean, you do watch Natsu Niji or at least have read a synopsis, no?)
----------(laugh). Among the new songs, is there any track that particularly attracts your attention?
Aiba: I like the last track of disc 2 『Summer Splash!』 because it has a really fun sound. It’s been a while since the 5 of us got to enter the studio together, each singing his part with such excitement.
Sho: We haven’t done that ever since 『Fight song』 (『Love so sweet』’s coupling). That song carries a really vivid image of summer.
Nino: And that’s why it’s great fun, right? My favorite song is also 『Summer Splash!』, I guess~. Well, well, 『T.A.B.O.O』 still has the decisive lead though.
Sho: (laugh). You’re spoiling me. And the hurdle for me has been raised too high!
Jun: Say, if 『T.A.B.O.O』 is 100 points, then how many would you give 『Summer Splash!』?
Nino: …… About 32, I think.
----------What a big difference!
Nino: Because, as I said, it’s a decisive lead.
Sho: You’re raising the hurdle too high for me. Oh and, you know, this issue of 『Ori★Suta』 is going to come out after the album is released (laugh).
Aiba: And surely everyone would be reading the magazine while listening to 『T.A.B.O.O』.
Nino: (laugh). This time, the album is concluded with 『Summer Splash!』, a song that reminds listeners of the familiar image of Arashi, well, that certainly is typical of us.
Jun: Of all the new songs, it is the only track that has such characteristic. I think it is a good song that everyone can calmly listen to. Somehow, that song has this peaceful mood about it.
Nino: That is true, and at the same time, it has a certain playful vibe, doesn’t it?
Jun: Like, in the end, we revert to our old image. Right, as for me, my favorite is 『Sora takaku』.
Nino: Finally we got to release it, right?
Jun: Finally we can have everyone listen to it.
Nino: Ohno san, what about you?
Ohno: For me, 『movin’ on』 is kinda reminiscent.
Jun: Reminiscent?
Ohno: Back then, we used to play that kind of tunes a lot at the concerts.
Aiba: I see, I thought you meant that the melody of that song sounds old.
Ohno: There is reminiscence but also freshness in that song.
----------It’s “remini-fresh” all over again, isn’t it (laugh)?
Nino: So then, Aiba san, it’s okay to decide that your favorite is 『Magical Song』 (Aiba’s solo), right?
Aiba: I already told you that I like 『Summer Splash!』!!
Sho: (laugh). Well, my favorite is 『Mada ue wo』. When I listened to the demo, I immediately felt that it was a daring tune.
Nino: That song’s demo is a tad scary, I tell you.
Sho: At first, it gave you the image of a song sung by a super macho foreigner with a gold chain around his neck (laugh). But then, without unnecessary elaboration, it proceeded to a nice conclusion, somehow. There’s hardly any song we did before which so neatly converges with the hip hop genre.
Jun: I also like 『Refrain』 a lot. Sure, there have been other songs in which Nino sings the higher part and I the lower one, such as 『Oh Yeah!』 from the 『Time』 album, 『Flashback』 from 『Dream “A”live』. In recent singles 『Troublemaker』 and 『Monster』 too, we used the same arrangement in the B melody to create an impact. I think all of the chorus work we have done together so far in those songs finally culminated into a distinctive form in 『Refrain』.
(T/N: okay, quick music lesson for those who are @___@ after reading Jun’s sophisticated comment above (can’t blame you, ladies, I myself was also like that at first, and what I’m about to tell you is entirely picked up from the Japanese wikipedia and google in general.
The majority of J-pop songs are written following the so-called “refrain form” (リフレイン形式), which originated from the structure of Italian canzone. This music form includes in the song
(1) a main melody, in other word, the chorus, which is called “sabi” or “rifurein” in Japanese (yeah, “rifurein” = refrain, exactly the name of the song.
(2) another tune of equal or greater length which precedes that chorus, which is called the A mero (mero = short for merodi – melody in Japanese).
So where does the B mero, or B melody fit into all of this? The thing is, in modern J-pop, the refrain form doesn’t stop at just the A mero followed by the chorus. It has been developed into this popular pattern of:
A mero – B mero – sabi – interlude/bridge – B mero – sabi – sabi – conclusion
In 『Refrain』’s particular case, the structure is more like:
A mero – B mero – sabi – A mero – B mero – bridge – sabi – conclusion
Maybe you’d like to listen to the song again to check it out Very Happy Thankfully Arashi is a group in which the member’s voices are quite easy to distinguish (shuddering when I recalled the fiasco I had trying to teach my BFF how to distinguish KAT-TUN’s voices), so it should be a piece of cake for you to identify Jun and Nino’s pride collaboration, right?)
----------In this new album, it seems like your individual voices are expressed more clearly than ever before, and at the same time, there is an impressive maturity that can be perceived from the lyrics.
Nino: That is simply the proof of us growing older. You can also put it that the more youthful melodies are no longer compatible with our image. We have come to figure out a different kind of music from nowhere other than inside ourselves.
Sho: Recently I realized that in many interviews, we gave the same statement 「This has become a mature album」. In other words, it’s clear that we ourselves have matured.
Ohno: I am already 30, you know.
Sho: Right, right (laugh).
Nino: That’s true. You shouldn’t be happy when people say that you’re adult-like.
Sho: If we were to release this album 5 years ago, maybe “adult-like” would be applicable, but now, it shouldn’t be “adult-like” anymore, it’s become proper “adult”.
Ohno: Come to think of it, it’s not like we have never released songs with adult-like melodies before. But, as expected, right now is the time when those melodies finally become most suitable for us.
----------Well then, what would be the right interpretation of the album title 『Boku no miteiru fuukei』?
(T/N: no one in this fandom, at this moment, should be ignorant as to what that title literally means, right? Right? Maa~ just for the heck of it, the title translates to “the scenery I’m looking at”. Gah~ Japanese sounds so much better)
Sho: First, there is the question of who “I” am, right?
Jun: Mind you, it’s not “we”.
Shou: “I” may refer individually to each of us, or to each of the people who listens to the album, or “I” could also mean the main character in each of the songs. That’s why, in the end, it becomes a riddle, who “I” am (laugh).
Jun: Like, we’re telling the listeners to search for the identity of “I”?
Nino: Like, we’re doing “Where’s Wally?”
(T/N: thankfully this time the English wikipedia is helpful, here)
Sho: That’s right.
Aiba: No, no, doesn't that “I” actually refer to everyone (laugh)?
Ohno: As for me, the title gives me a really gentle feeling. As if it’s saying that we’re always staying close to everyone, a kind of “this is the ordinary” feeling.
Sho: After reading the gentle title and open the CD case, what would the listeners find inside? Is it also a gentle album?
Ohno: Nah, the complete opposite.
Sho: Oh, that’s tsundere!
Ohno: That gap is something amazing.
Jun: You mean, the only gentle thing is the title?
Ohno: ……Err, there are some gentle parts in the album too, but, in general, we’re on attack mode.
Aiba: And so we’re back to the basis.
Ohno: Um, back to the basis.
----------(laugh). The curtain is very soon going to raise for your nationwide tour too.
Jun: There is a firm link between the album 『Boku no miteiru fuukei』 and the tour, so right now I’m thinking about the scenery that I’m going to look at as I sing on the concert’s stage. That moment would be when our music is wholly complete. Of course, there are songs which wouldn’t appear on the set list. Still, I just can’t consider it a full accomplishment if our songs are only listened through CDs.
Sho: That’s why the songs that do not appear in the concert are forever incomplete (laugh). Guess we’ll have to try our best next year too.
Nino: So that we can put each and every of our songs to use, right?
----------(laugh). What is the main theme of this concert that marks your 11th year?
Jun: You can be sure that it’s going to be lots of fun.
Nino: Just what you’d expect~!
Sho: We hope that everyone would have high expectation for it (laugh).

Plus a bonus:

「If you were a cameraman, what kind of photos would you want to take of the members?」
(Question from a 25-year-old female reader from Osaka)

Nino: I wonder…… But I don’t think I’d be able to have as much variation as I want. I think I’d be able to make up my mind right on the spot about what kind of angle or situation I want to capture, but I have a feeling the photo shoot is going to pass by so fast it’d end before I realize.

Aiba: I’d want Sho chan happily playing soccer, Nino would be indoor? Because he is always playing games, you see. MatsuJun is, at the sea. Because I have gone surfing together with him countless times. As for Riidaa, I want to take a photo of him while he's putting on some sunscreen (laugh).

Sho: I’d want a photo of all 5 of us. Not the kind in which we’re posing though, I like the photos that are taken when we’re talking and laughing together. You know, if they’re told 「Please talk about whatever you want」, those guys would truly talk about whatever (laugh). I’d want to take a photo that captures such lively and happy conversation.

Ohno: I’d want Sho kun to…… go skydiving. I’ll take a photo of his face when he’s falling down. I’d have MatsuJun dress up as a cartoon character, but he can decide the pose, he should be able to make a cool face. Aiba chan should be playing golf. Not that I’ve ever seen him doing that before though (laugh). Nino should be riding a boat, I’ll take a picture of him being seasick (laugh).
(X Monster’s comment: Riidaa… what happened to your ever forgiving and benevolent nature?)

Jun: Aiba san’s photo would be……. the kind that involves animals, I guess. He would be happily playing around with them. Nino’s would be of the Ninomiya Kazunari X musical instruments type. I think I’d be able to capture a totally different image of him when he comes in contact with a musical instrument. Riidaa should be inside a shoe shop. No, I don’t want him to be the shopkeeper, instead, he should be a customer who is casually choosing a pair of shoes at the counter. I want to take a picture of him when he’s showing his most natural expression in that ordinary moment. Come to think of it, Sakurai san should be the same too, the background of his photo would be a supermarket. I want to take a picture of him shopping for foods.


To the top To the top To the top, come with me

The memories that were carved haven't faded yet
Just giving yourself up to these days that are rolling by
This beating heart is searching for something It's still shaking even now

Even if what you see on the other side of the sky is an endless pain
We don't need the words that are always here
Every day, every night, every time, always That's right
With unshakable feelings

Our voices from those days are calling
To that tomorrow, it starts moving
You can hear it too, right? We don't need a reason
Surely, there isn't only one answer
There's a place we'll get to someday
If there's something I'm proud of So that it'll get to you
I'll go to a world I haven't seen yet

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PostSubject: Re: Ori★Suta 2010.08.16 ~ 23   Mon Aug 16, 2010 6:34 pm

heee genial articolu ..deci am stat si am citit cam asa ceva.. suuperb.woai ce as vrea si eu sa am albumul. foarte stiam ca de 2 ani n-au m-ai scos un album..adica ne-au tinut in priza cu single-urile si nici n-am observat ca nu au mai scos un despre interviu e genial adica faza cand Jun explica chestiile alea sofisticate despre muzica si tonalitate si tot felu( eo care nu stiu nici notele muzicale prea bine) am ramas ... lol okay *what's he's talkin about??* si faza bonus cu fotografiile e asa cuute normal..Matsujun cel mai eu cred ca Nino si-ar schimba expresia odata ce e langa o chitara... mai stii ce vorbeam despre emo? cred ca si-ar schimba mult fata cand ar canta la chitara sau pian mai ales
Merci again pt articol
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Ori★Suta 2010.08.16 ~ 23
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