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 . U-Kiss .

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Mao Inoue

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PostSubject: . U-Kiss .   Fri Sep 24, 2010 9:51 pm

U-KISS este o formatie din Korea de Sud formata din sase membri initial, iar acum din sapte membri. Formatia este alcatuita din Alexander (Xander), Kevin, Kibum, Dongho, Soohyun, Eli si Kiseop.
U-KISS (Korean: 유키스) is a seven-member South Korean boy band formed by NH Media in 2008. The members include Alexander Lee Eusebio, Shin Soo Hyun, Kim Ki Bum, Lee Kiseop, Eli Kim, Kevin Woo and Shin Dong Ho. The name of the group stands for Ubiquitous Korean International (Idol) Super Star. They debuted in Japan on August 15, 2008 and in South Korea on August 28, 2008.

The group has released one album and various mini albums and singles. Their first full length album, Only One, was released on February 3, 2010.

The members of the group have had various activities as solo entertainers—acting in various dramas and musicals,and hosting various reality-variety shows.


* Alexander (born July 29, 1988)

Full name: Alexander Lee Eusebio (Hangul: 알렉산더) Height: 182cm Weight: 63kg Blood Type: O Alexander grew up in Macau, Hong Kong. He is half-korean, quarter-portugese and quarter-chinese from his portugese-chinese father and korean mother. He has an older sister. He studied in America and is from De Anza college, California. He then returned to Hong Kong wanting to be an MC, but moved to Korea to debut under U-KISS. Alexander is also known for his ability to speak 7 languages at varying degrees.

* Soohyun (born March 11, 1989)

Full name: Shin Soo Hyun (Hangul: 신수현) Height: 181cm Weight: 67kg Blood Type: A Soohyun is known as the ‘Power vocal’ of U-kiss. Also, he is known having the best abs in the group. He has an older and younger sister. Soohyun was once a JYP trainee and Good Entertainment trainee before he transferred to NH Media and made his debut under U-KISS.

* Kibum (born December 29, 1990)

Full name: Kim Ki Bum (Hangul: 김기범) Height: 179cm Weight: 65kg Blood Type: O He is the younger brother of SS501’s Kim Hyung Joon, and a former member of Xing together with Kevin.

* Kiseop (born January 17, 1991)

Full name: Lee Ki Seop (Hangul: 이기섭) Height: 180cm Weight: 61kg Blood Type: A Ki Seop joined the group in 2009. He is a former ulzzang on Ulzzang Shidae. He appears on the second season of Uljjang Shidae. He has an older sister and he does Tae Kwon Do.

* Eli (born March 13, 1991)

Korean name: Kim Kyoung Jae (Hangul: 김경재) Height: 181cm Weight: 70kg Blood Type: O girl type: pretty that has a great personality Eli grew up in the States, was born in Los Angeles and moved to Washington D.C. He has an older and younger sister. He has practiced Taekwondo for 12 years and went to China to train to become an actor, where he learned martial arts and mandarin.

* Kevin (born November 25, 1991)

Korean name: Woo Sung Hyun (Hangul: 워성현) Height: 181cm Weight: 56kg Blood Type: O Kevin grew up in the States and is from San Francisco. He was formerly from the boyband, XING, and was the last original member to leave the group. He has an older sister. Kevin is also known for his ability to speak English fluently.

* Dongho (born June 29, 1994)

Full name: Shin Dong Ho (Hangul: 신동호) Height: 178cm Weight: 60kg Blood Type: B Dongho is the youngest member of the group. He once mentioned in ‘Kiss the Dream’ that although people expect him to act like a grown-up, he likes his self as a kid. He has the largest connection between artistes among the members.

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Ohmiya SK

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PostSubject: Re: . U-Kiss .   Sun Nov 07, 2010 10:04 pm

oh da...Kevin este un copil...extraordinar.e atat de cute incat e imposibil de crezut =]] inainte era in XING dar acum cred ca are mai multa popularitate XD
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. U-Kiss .
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